Fresh Fish & Seafood


At Sanders Fish Market, we source the freshest, highest-quality seafood available. Keep in mind that seafood prices change often and fluctuate with the daily market prices. Due to government regulations, Mother Nature, and our high standards of quality, not all species are always available. Please let us know if you have any questions - we'd be glad to help!

Atlantic Salmon
Nantucket Bay Scallops
Rainbow Trout
Mexican White Shrimp

North Atlantic Ground Fish

Haddock -- delicate, white flesh with a sweet, mild flavor. Hook & line caught.

Atlantic Cod -- Hook & line caught. MSC certified from Iceland.

Atlantic Pollock -- darker meat/more flavor than Cod. Gulf of Maine Dayboat.

Flounder/Sole -- Dab, Grey Sole, and other "flats." Delicious, delicate fillets.

Hake -- White Hake from the Gulf of Maine.

Halibut -- fresh Dayboat Halibut from Nova Scotia.

Monkfish -- highly regarded for its sweet, mild-tasting meat. "Poor man's lobster."


Pelagic Fish

Swordfish -- the traditional grill favorite. Rich and tender with a mild, sweet flavor.

Tuna -- sashimi-quality, beet red in color.

Mahi -- a.k.a. Dolphinfish, or Dorado. Sweet, mild flavor.


Tropical Fish

Snapper -- fresh Snapper from South America. Clear, light-pink flesh.

Grouper -- fresh Grouper from South America. Clear, light-pink flesh.


Farm-Raised Fish

Atlantic Salmon -- super-fatty, antibiotic-free salmon from the Faroe Islands.

Arctic Charr -- a cross between salmon and trout. Sustainably raised in Iceland.

Barramundi -- Sustainably raised seabass. High in omega-3s.

Branzini -- a.k.a. Loup de Mer or European Sea Bass from Greece.

Catfish -- delicious freshwater Catfish. Responsibly farmed in North Carolina.

Rainbow Trout -- "clearcut" U.S. rainbow trout. All pin bones removed.

Certified Shellfish

Mussels -- premium, rope-cultured blue mussels from P.E.I.

Oysters -- the best East Coast varieties! Call for current availability...

Littlenecks -- small, but sweet East Coast hard-shell clams. Steam or eat raw!

Steamers -- purged (grit-free!) soft-shell clams from the coast of Maine.

Razor Clams -- available with adequate pre-order.

Shucked Oysters -- enjoy the salty flavor and rich texture of Chesapeake oysters.

Chopped Clams -- raw, tender, surf clams are washed, chopped and ready to use.


Dry Scallops

Sea Scallops -- fresh New England Dayboat Sea Scallops.

Bay Scallops -- fresh from Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket November to March.


Premium Shrimp

Black Tiger Shrimp -- warm-water Tiger shrimp from the Pacific

White Shrimp -- warm-water shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico & South America.

Northern Pink Shrimp -- local, cold-water from the Gulf of Maine.

Cooked Cocktail Shrimp -- always a hit at parties. Freshly cooked by us!

Lobster & Crab

Lobsters -- alive & kicking from the Gulf of Maine! Call ahead for cooked orders.
Lobster Meat -- hand-picked daily; a mixture of tails, claws, and knuckles.
Jonah Crabmeat -- premium, "All Leg" Gulf of Maine Crabmeat.

King Crab Legs/Claws -- Red King Crab from the icy waters of the Norther Pacific.


Specialty Seafood Items

Chilean Sea Bass -- Toothfish! Rich, buttery flavor.

Squid -- premium, domestic squid from Point Judith, Rhode Island.

Smoked Seafood -- Salmon, Bluefish, Trout, Shrimp, Mussels, and more!

Finnan Haddie -- smoked Haddock fillets. Old school!

Salt Cod -- authentic "Baccalà". Large fillets of Codfish salted and dried.

Ahi Saku Blocks -- perfect for sushi! Center-cut Yellowfin tuna, no bloodline.

Maine Uni -- sea urchin roe from Downeast Maine!

Skate Wing -- dayboat New England Skate


Seasonal Items

Bluefish -- a New England summertime favorite. Dark meat, full-flavor!

Bluefin Tuna -- deep-red in color with a rich, hearty flavor. Local in the summer.

King Salmon -- top of the line, fresh, wild Alaskan salmon.

Stone Crab Claws -- fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws from October to March.

Shad Roe -- an East Coast spring delicacy. Sold by the pair.

Smelts -- available locally during the cold winter months.

Sockeye Salmon -- wild-caught Alaskan Red salmon. Lean, bright-red meat.

Soft-shell Crabs -- Chesapeake Blues! Available fresh during the warmer months.